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Gift bags

Warmly greet your event or summer rental with a personalized welcome bag.

Our assortment of gift bags gives you many options of size and color combinations. The collection includes your bag of choice and personalization.

We have a variety of collections that include popular Nantucket selections. We pack each bag precisely, finishing it with tissue and ribbon ready for delivery. We provide delivery to downtown hotels and inns. Additional delivery options are available.

Nantucket Favorites

Often times the simplest of things are the sweetest. Our Nantucket Favorites collection is just that.
Guests traveling to the island will be greeted with a personalized welcome bag.


Personalized Menu

For your Nantucket guests, we work with you to custom curate each bag to include the finest local edibles & memorabilia. Our personalized menu allows you to create a welcome bag tailored to your guests while expressing your personal touch. We are happy to source specialty items for you.

Reach out to us to begin your bag creation today!

Last-minute bags? We're here for you! Inquire below with the date you need them by.


Gift Bags
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