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Do Guests Really Care About Receiving a Gift Bag?

Have you ever walked into a hotel room and there's a bottle of champagne waiting for you on the table? Ever paid for your meal at a restaurant and when the waiter collected your bill, they handed you a piece of chocolate or mint? What about getting a small gift from someone you received a service from?

That feeling of, "Wow, that was so nice of them to do! I feel so appreciated," is something that every one of your guests can feel when they're welcomed to your special occasion. Curating a custom ACK Gift Bag for your guests goes a long way. Here are a few reasons why:

It shows your appreciation

Your guests are taking time out of their busy schedules to attend your event. Handing them a personalized gift bag shows how grateful you are for their support, and they'll be very appreciative you went above and beyond. It shows you value their time and their travels (if they're coming from off of the island).

It makes a lasting impression

Well after the event is over, your guests will be talking about and reminiscing on the lovely time they had with you. Guests will be sent home with a full array of goodies ranging from delicious Nantucket treats to token postcards and maps, or, if you're interested, you can personalize your guests' gift bags with local edibles and memorabilia. Nothing makes a lasting impression like gifting your guests party favors that they can take away from the day!

It adds sentimental value to the event

Guests are bound to appreciate the time, detail, and effort you put into your special event, but when they feel individually included in the planning process, they'll associate the event with more sentimental value. ACK Gift Bags will always add that memorable and sweet touch to any event!

It leaves your guests feeling extra special

At the end of the day, you want to celebrate your milestones with people you love and care about. When you take the time to custom-curate your guests an ACK Gift Bag, you're showing them how special they truly are!

When you do what you can to show your appreciation, love, and gratefulness for your guests, they will feel welcomed, thought of, and valued. And if we do say so ourselves, there has never been a time when we've been handed a bag full of gifts and haven't smiled ear to ear. It's the cherry on top, and that's what makes all the difference!

If you're looking for custom gifts for your guests, email ACK Gift Bags & Events at to receive a quote today!


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