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Thank You for All Your Support in 2022!

There's no better way to wrap up 2022 than to thank you for your continued support throughout this year. I am so grateful for the support, commitment, and graciousness you've shown me and ACK Gift Bags & Events, and I want to stress how appreciative I am.

For six years, since 2016, I have been able to work with and serve the local Nantucket community and visitors of the island. It's been a joyous ride, and there is so much I want to express my gratitude for.

Wedding welcome bags

Creating custom-made gift bags filled with various goodies for your guests is one of the highlights of my job! I love getting feedback on how excited your guests are to receive a wedding welcome bag that's made specifically for them. This year was a blast, and I loved working with each and every wedding party to create a memorable experience for everyone involved. Special thanks for continuing to trust me and my creative direction to help make your wedding a night to remember!

Day-of-wedding coordinator

I want to shout a big, "THANK YOU!" to all of the brides and grooms who put their faith in my hands to make sure their big day went off without a hitch! It's my utmost pleasure and honor to be your day-of-wedding coordinator and help everything run as smoothly as possible so you can enjoy the most important part of the day: you!

As we head into the new year in just a few short weeks, I wanted to take the time to thank my past, present, and future clients and customers for all of their ongoing support of my business. I can't wait to see where ACK Gift Bags & Events takes us next year. With that, enjoy the rest of the holiday season, and I'll see you in 2023!

Thank you, all!

Denise Badders-Perry (Official Bag Lady of Nantucket)

P.S. Already started planning for the 2023 wedding season? If so, reach out to me at for help with any of the following: wedding planning consultations, gift bags for guests, or day-of-wedding coordinator services.


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