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Empowering Small Business This Holiday Season

We find this time of year to be incredibly magical. It's filled with an abundance of excitement, joy, and love. It's also a time where people come together to support one another.

What a special occasion it is when community members work together. This holiday season, small businesses on the Cape and Nantucket have been especially meticulous at supporting each other's businesses and spreading holiday cheer.

Given the circumstances of this year, it is important to support small businesses, as they are essential in making local communities stay local. Small businesses create experiences for their customers and focus on fostering relationships. Many provide thoughtful customer service and continuously strive to provide new offerings and unique items.

Small businesses play an integral role in our communities. Studies have shown that 68% of money spent on purchases at a small business stays local and 65% of new jobs over the past 17 years. Shopping small makes a big impact.

To celebrate the 2021 holiday season, ACK Gift Bags has brought to the community a gift for local shops, mom bosses, and anyone who wants to bring awareness to their business, a Small Business Empowerment Tree. This year's tree, located at 33 Main Street on Nantucket, represents small businesses spanning Nantucket and Cape Cod.

What makes this tree so special? ACK Gift Bags recruited a number of small businesses to send business cards, ornaments, or any item that represents what they contribute to the community. Decorated with brightly colored lights, Nantucket decor, tokens from our local businesses and topped with the ACK Gift Bags logo, the tree is truly a sight to see!

A few of the businesses featured on the ACK Gift Bags tree include ACK Roasters, Coast to Coast Financial Planning, and Peach Tee Kids Nantucket. If you find yourself on Nantucket for the holidays, be sure to wander down to 33 Main Street. From our ACK family to yours, thank you for supporting small this year!


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