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How to Put A Welcome Bag Together When You Wait Until The Last Minute

It's the classic oh sh*t moment when you have an event coming up and forget the party favors. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, bachelorette party, or corporate event, greeting your guests with a gift bag leaves a lasting impression. So what do you do when you wait until the last minute and need to figure out a party favor? A welcome bag is a perfect gesture, but it can be stressful when you realize you have no time left to put it all together.

Every year, we receive countless frantic calls from hosts and brides who left their bags for the last minute, or simply underestimated the time it takes to get it all together. Luckily, we offer "Oh Sh*t" Gift Bag services for this very predicament and know exactly what you need for a memorable last-minute welcome gift.

Keep it Simple:

A simple gift bag goes a long way! Start with a simple bag. It can be a small jute tote or a paper gift bag from the store. Don't stress or overthink it! Whatever it is, no matter the size or material, it will do just the trick when you fill it with goodies!

Add Trinkets:

Something classic like a magnet, keychain, bottle opener, etc. is an easy find and a fun item for people to use! They can be great memorabilia too if there is significance such as where you're from, or where the event is!

Sweet Treats:

Who doesn't love a sweet treat? Add in some chocolates, gummy bears, candy bars, or any candy you'd like. Sweet treats are convenient, easy to buy anywhere, and are a great addition to the bag. Everyone loves to snack on candy!


Depending on the occasion, including a small bottle of something as a refreshing add-on your guests will love. If your event is for kids grab some juice boxes. If it's an adult event, you could buy mini bottles of wine or liquor! Who isn't a fan of cute mini-sized drinks?


Coffee items like beans or gift cards to coffee shops are another easy option for your gift bag. Most people enjoy a morning cup of coffee, so why not excite them with some coffee!

Household Items:

Create a homey feel to your bag with a candle or homemade soap. These are both two options that guests will enjoy. Candles and soaps are easy to pick up in a pinch and add a great smell to the bag!

Local Goods:

Local items from your hometown or the destination of your event are another fun option. Local goods are thoughtful and something they'll remember forever. You'll also be supporting local businesses which is always a plus.

Handwritten Note:

Top off your gift bag with a handwritten note. Notes are always a nice gesture and add a personalized touch. It can be a simple thank you or a more detailed and personalized note. Everyone enjoys a handwritten note and it can really tie the whole gift together!

If you're feeling overwhelmed and need personalized welcome bags in a pinch, reach out to ACK Gift Bags! We can create any gift bag you'd like. It can be personalized, Nantucket-themed, or any other way you'd like. It is up to you! We can make bags for any event at the very last minute!

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