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How to Welcome Your Renters To Nantucket This Summer

Are you a homeowner renting out your home or hosting a group of friends and family this summer? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to provide a welcome that will leave a lasting impression. Considering that your guests will most likely want to head to their vacation spot right away to unpack and relax, the best way to welcome your renters is with treats, drinks, Nantucket favorites, and so much more. Your renters will be thrilled when they walk into the rental knowing they have some amazing treats to enjoy throughout their stay.

With extensive experience creating welcome bags, ACK Gift Bags makes it simple for homeowners that host renters throughout the year to welcome their guests with something special. From delicious local treats to special Nantucket trinkets, there are various ways to welcome your renters to Nantucket this summer!

Local Favorites:

Who doesn't love to come home to a curated selection of snacks and drinks? Those visiting Nantucket will most likely have had a long day of traveling, making a selection of treats waiting on the table a blessing. It also alleviates the stress guests might feel about buying these items to have on hand. Sourcing local items such as fresh bread or cookies from Something Natural, coffee from ACK Roasters, juices from Lemon Press, and salty snacks will help introduce your renters to local businesses and what they have to offer before they even hit the town! If you want to include some alcoholic beverages, Cisco Brewers is a great option. This local brewery has a variety of craft beer packs as well as craft cocktails!

Nantucket Guides & Information:

Assuming renters might be unfamiliar with Nantucket, it's always important to leave information about the island, including a map of Nantucket to get around and popular, must-see tourism spots. The island's summer calendar is chock-full of fun events, so The Nantucket Chamber Of Commerce is an excellent resource that provides a comprehensive list of weekly events. Go above and beyond for your guests and include a "cheat sheet" booklet of dining suggestions, rental shops for bikes, jeeps, or mopeds, and the best beaches to visit! Equipping your guests with abundant information about Nantucket will make your guests feel comfortable and excited to travel around the island.

Nantucket-Inspired Gifts:

Nantucket always seems to leave a special mark on visitors, so many can't leave the Island without a souvenir to remember their time. In addition to consumables, add in something extra special like a Nantucket blanket or apparel item. Many Nantucket boutiques sell cozy blankets and clothing, with designs including the infamous "Nantucket Beach Permit" decal or a map of the island. If you decide to include drinks, throw in a collection of Nantucket-inspired tumblers. One popular drinkware design is the phrase "There's always the next ferry!" which will most likely be a catchphrase on their final day on our incredible island.

Putting The Bow on Top:

To organize and present these treats and gifts, a Nantucket tote bag is an ideal choice. Your guests can use the tote bag throughout their stay, whether they're out buying groceries, walking around the island, or toting towels and games to the beach.

The ideas are the easy part... now you just need to source the items and put it all together! But that's where ACK Gift Bags comes in. Send an email with your choice of additions, and it's smooth sailing from there! Summer rental welcome bags are the best way to thank your renters and make them feel right at home. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they walk into the home with a table full of gifts.

Reach out to to inquire about providing summer rental welcome bags to your renters today!


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