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Local Nantucket Favorites

After a long career in Nantucket's hospitality industry, it is safe to say that the owner of ACK Gift Bags, Denise Badders, knows her way around the island. Her work with welcome bags since 2016 has brought her closer to some of the beloved local businesses that are the fabric of Nantucket culture. Through her meticulously crafted gift bags, Denise has come to know some of the best local businesses to try out for a comprehensive, Nantucket experience. Check out some of her top go-to's below!

ACK Roasters

This delicious business offers Free Trade Organic and single-origin roasted coffees. You'll never get tired of their grounds as they bring in new bean types monthly! We love that ACK Roasters values sustainability; their roasting process uses 80% less fuel and reduces our annual carbon footprint by up to 41,000 pounds of CO2 vs. a traditional drum roaster. In addition, they package their coffee with compostable, aesthetically pleasing materials!

Nicky Dion Co.

Based out of Nantucket, Nicky Dion runs a luxury candle business and the Esty shop of our dreams. Shop their line for adorable packaging, perfect gifts, and scents that are to die for!

Wicked Island Bakery

For some of the best bakery items on Nantucket, you have to visit WIcked Island Bakery on Bayberry Court. They offer some of the best bread, pastries, sandwiches, and cakes we've ever tried! Try their famous Nantucket Morning Bun for the full island experience. If you're on island for an extended period of time, consider placing a large catering order with them!

Buddy Bars Soaps

Another one of our favorite Nantucket small businesses is Buddy Bar Soaps, a hand-crafted soap company that sells body and face soap, seasonal soap, dog soaps, scrubs, and more. They even offer custom orders! Visit their website to find a blend and mold that fits your theme or event.

Lemon Press

Last, but certainly not least, we can't get enough of Lemon Press Nantucket! Lemon Press is an iconic cafe and cocktail bar located right on Main Street. We love supporting Lemon Press and its commitment to sustainability, as well as their focus on sourcing local, organic ingredients. Stop by in person for a delicious meal and a drink. On Island for an occasion or extended period of time? Look into their catering and private event services!

Honorable Mentions: Cape Cod Chips & Nantucket Nectars - although these aren't "small businesses," they are a local trademark and we love adding them to our ACK Gift bags!

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