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Must-Have Items For A Spring Wedding Welcome Bag

Planning a spring wedding on Nantucket? Before you know it, the frost will melt and the flowers will begin to bloom, meaning now is the time to start planning your wedding welcome bags. Celebrate your wedding day by making your favors extra special with customized spring wedding welcome bags!

ACK Gift Bags will personally customize your welcome bags to reflect your wedding colors and theme. Make your welcome stand out even more with a decorative, spirited bag! Rather than using plain paper, we can help you get creative. There are a myriad of textile options including jute, canvas, or reusable tote bags. Dress it up by choosing pastel or bright spring colors that complement your wedding theme. Don't forget to add some vibrant tissue paper and a cute ribbon. We will even customize a beautiful bag tag with your names and wedding date.

So what should you include in your bag? Keep it simple!

After traveling to the island, your guests will be famished. While they read through the itinerary included in the bag, consider adding the following items to your extra special gift bag they'll enjoy all weekend.

Something Sweet:

Give your guests something to welcome them to the Island! Greet them with a locally-baked cookie or some chocolate-covered cranberries. Not to mention, if you and your fiancé have a favorite sweet treat, let us know and we will fill the bags with a mix of items you both love.

Additionally, after spending a night on the dance floor, there's nothing better than refueling with a little something sweet. Consider spring-colored candies like pastel gummy bears or personalized M&Ms. Your guests will be sure to thank you when they find a sweet treat, especially at the end of the night.

Something Salty:

You can't have something sweet without adding something salty. Cape Cod potato chips are a staple and the perfect salty snack. If you're not into potato chips, think about including tortilla chips, pretzels, or nuts in the bags. It's a smart idea to add both salty and sweet, since everyone has a preference (or craving!).

Something To Sip:

Another must-have in a welcome bag is a nice, refreshing beverage. Some ideas include bottled water, or a flavorful beverage from a local business. A popular favorite from Nantucket-based shop Something Natural is the Matt Fee Tea. If you're looking to step it up and add some bubbles, you can add a Cisco Brewery cranberry hard seltzer or a mini bottle of champagne.

If you choose the champagne route, a mini bottle allows everyone to pop a bottle together! Add an additional unique element by creating a custom label with your wedding date and name or wedding monogram. Champagne toasts unite a crowd in joy, and personalization will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Something For A Hangover:

After the epic event, it never hurts to add a hangover-helper for your guests to get through the day after. Including electrolyte packets, a mini ibuprofen bottle, or whatever you think will do the job is a contribution they will be grateful for! It will be a godsend when your friends awake the next morning knowing they had so much fun on your special day, without the grief a hangover brings.

Are you ready to start planning but don't know where to start? In addition to welcome bags, we are also available to help on your wedding day. We provide day-of-wedding coordination, working with you and your timeline to provide all the assistance and direction you need for a seamless wedding day. We want you to be the bride - leave the details to us.

If you are planning on ordering your 2022 wedding welcome bags with ACK Gift Bags, we have a special treat for you this month! Order by January 31st to receive 20% OFF your wedding bag order. A minimum of 50 bags is required to receive the offer.

Don't miss out! Reach out to ACK Gift Bags today to start planning your 2022 wedding details with personalized welcome bags!


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