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The Ultimate Fall Wedding

Fall is one of the most popular times for a wedding. The temperatures are perfect, not too hot, not too cold, making it comfortable for an indoor or outdoor wedding. We all know Nantucket is a beautiful place to visit all year round but especially in the fall.

Fall is a naturally stunning time of year, and on Nantucket, you can enjoy the quiet cobblestone streets, peaceful beaches, fall foliage, and the crisp air throughout the town.

If you’re planning a wedding on Nantucket during the autumn season, add these fall-inspired aspects to your list for the ultimate fall wedding.

Rich Color Theme:

Nothing says fall like a rich color theme. Earthy tones like burgundy, emerald, orange, taupe, and other autumn hues can really add to a fall-themed wedding. Colors in a wedding can really tie it all together. Add rich colors to the stationery, decor, or bridal party. Rather than typical traditional colors, autumn tones can add a unique touch to the wedding.

Autumn Floral Arrangements and Bouquets:

Incorporate fall foliage into your wedding decor. Choose flowers that bloom in the fall like garden roses, dahlias, pampas grass, or amaranthus. These flowers can be used for tasteful centerpieces or bridal bouquets! For another added fall touch, include colorful leaves, wheat, sage, grasses, or dainty branches! These elements create an elegant vibe and can be used at the altar, around the tables, and placed around the venue.

Pumpkin Decor:

What's a fall wedding without pumpkins? Pumpkins come in all different sizes and make the perfect decor. You can find pumpkins that match your colors and other elements in the wedding. Find some that match your china or stationery and incorporate them around the table!

Fall Welcome Gift

ACK Gift Bags knows how to fill a wedding gift favor. Excite your guests and put them in the fall spirit by including fall-inspired goods and treats. Incorporate local Nantucket fall favorites that guests will love like Cisco Brewers Pumple Drumkin Ale, autumn baked goods, or locally made fall scented candles!

Fire Pit

End your fall wedding with a fire pit for everyone to enjoy. Fall is a great time for a fire, especially surrounded by all your favorite people. A fire pit can create an intimate, cozy, and relaxed end to your wedding night. Add a s'mores bar next to the fire pit for something extra your guests will love.

Nantucket and autumn provide the perfect backdrop for the perfect wedding. With these fall-inspired elements, you're fall wedding will be a day to remember. ACK Gift Bags is here to offer personalized fall wedding gift bags, or provide day-of wedding coordinator services for your day. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your wedding day extra special!


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