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Meet Nantucket's Bag Lady

It's true! The island has its very own bag lady - but who is she? Meet Denise Badders, the owner and creative mind behind ACK gift bags.

In 2016, Denise inherited the business after a long, successful career in Nantucket's hospitality industry. Since then, she has found fulfillment in welcoming wedding or out-of-town guests with personal, customizable gift bags.

In a recent interview with the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce, Denise spoke about her life motto - "it's nice to be nice!" Recipients of her wonderful gift bags would say that "nice" doesn't even come close to describing what Denise provides visitors of the island. ACK Gift Bags offers a beautiful welcome filled with delicious Nantucket treats and small mementos to remind visitors of their stay.

"I love sharing kindness and giving gifts to people that in turn make them smile. I love when people arrive in Nantucket for the first time, walk into their rental, and are greeted by a beautiful ‘Welcome Bag’ that I have staged. Just that first impression brings them joy, and that is what drives me."

Denise starts with custom-made bags from various materials such as jute, canvas, and paper. Her exclusive and elegant designs have made the bags themselves a signature, keepsake item for island events- and that's only the beginning! Inside the bags, she adds something salty, something sweet, and a refreshing drink. Those items, along with a token postcard or map, will not only be a smart welcome bag, but also something they will keep as a reminder of their visit to Nantucket.

Haven't made it to Nantucket yet? No worries! Denise Badders and ACK gift bags are here to stay.


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