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Three Reasons for Agents to Pre-Order Welcome Gift Bags for Renters

The summer rental season is heating up and it's time to think about what you can do to welcome renters. As an agent, you already have a lot on your plate, and thinking about putting together items for renters each week can feel overwhelming. But there are a lot of benefits to giving your renters a professional and personal welcome bag.

Providing renters with a welcome bag can help to establish a lasting relationship and create a positive first impression. Renters who feel welcome and supported will use your services year after year and recommend you to friends and family.

Planning for the upcoming season by setting up a weekly delivery of welcome bags with ACK Gift Bags is the perfect way to go above and beyond for your renters. Here are three reasons you should work with us each week:

1. Less running around for you and your renters

When you set up weekly deliveries, we do the running around for you. No more hustling to the store trying to figure out what to gift each renter. Instead, you can focus on your job while ACK Gift Bags pulls together items and packages them in a beautiful tote, ready to drop off with the key delivery.

Providing your renters with some snacks and information when they walk in the door will help them to feel welcome after a long day of travel. It allows them to unwind, unpack, and get settled before they have to run to the store. We recommend including something to drink, a snack, and something to help them learn about the island such as brochures, maps, and suggested activities to help your renters feel right at home and ready for a week of fun.

2. Highlight the island with curated local gifts

We source local items such as fresh bread and cookies from Something Natural, coffee from ACK Roasters, and juices from Lemon Press. Your renters will appreciate the introduction to local vendors, shops, and restaurants.

We also love to pull in gifts that will remind renters of their time on the island. Think tumblers, a throw blanket, decals, or a Nantucket magnet, something that they can use in their home. You can even think about including something with your logo to help them remember who to contact next year!

3. Present a professional image

Our gift bags are expertly packed and present a professional image of your business. They'll walk into their rental and immediately feel that you welcomed them personally with a thoughtful gift.

Showing your appreciation for their business as soon as they walk into their rental is another great way to encourage repeat business.

We can set up a standing weekly delivery so that you always have a high-quality welcome gift for renters without having to add one more thing to your to-do list. Leave a lasting impression on your renters, and encourage them to become repeat clients, with customized welcome bags from ACK Gift Bags. Reach out to to inquire about our services.

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