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What You Need For The Ultimate Bachelorette/Bachelor Weekend On Nantucket

Planning on hosting your bachelorette or bachelor party weekend on Nantucket? ACK Gift Bags knows just what you need for the ultimate Bachelorette/Bachelor weekend, so make it easy on yourself. The secret? It includes lots of goodies and a fun, stress-free weekend on the island!

Party Gift Bags:

Greet your guests and get the party started with a goodie-bag filled with essential items to make the most of the weekend. ACK Gift Bags will expertly curate custom gift bags for your crew and fill them with items that will introduce your guests to the island and keep them feeling in high spirits throughout all the weekend's festivities!

For the ultimate Bach weekend, be sure to include:

A Hangover Kit:

Odds are high that you'll get carried away taking advantage of Nantucket's nightlife... which means an emergency hangover kit is an essential addition to your gift bags. Keep your guests hydrated, prepped, and ready to take on the weekend by including ibuprofen, water bottles, electrolyte packets, and a mini snack pack. Pamper your guests even more by adding some soothing under-eye masks! A hangover kit is important to keep the party going all weekend long.

Customized Reusable Cups, Tumblers, or Wine Glasses:

You can't have a bachelorette or bachelor party without commemorating the weekend with a customized item! Reusable cups are the perfect token for party-goers to take home and are practical to use well after your fun weekend has come to an end. Make cocktails and take fun pictures with the group out on the beach with your matching cups. It can be a simple design, such as a map of Nantucket with the weekend dates, or get creative and incorporate inside jokes and relationship anecdotes. Guaranteed, you will be using them throughout the weekend!

Provisioning Services:

In order to make your stay on Nantucket even better, provisioning services are a major luxury, taking the stress off of you and your guests upon arrival. Once the ferry docks and you turn the key to enter your beautiful Nantucket rental, all you have to do is put your bags down and pop the Champagne waiting for you in the fridge to get the party started.

As you and your guests arrive from a long day of travel, one of the best feelings is settling into a home with a fully-stocked fridge and pantry. Luckily, ACK Gift Bags provides provisioning services so that your rental is move-in ready!

ACK Gift Bags can provide drinks, snacks, coffee, and other requested treats and will coordinate with your rental, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the weekend! ACK Gift Bags will stock up the accommodation to your liking.

Coffee from ACK Roasters is a local favorite. The island-born company boasts organic, tasteful coffee in a variety of blends and flavors that will energize your guests during their stay. Lemon Press is another amazing place to grab snacks and easy, healthy meals for your stay. They also have unbelievable grazing boxes filled with organic items that will impress your guests. To really kick off the party, Cisco Brewers variety of beer, spirits, and canned cocktails are always a favorite!

Take the stress out of planning your fun weekend, and let ACK Gift bags help you prepare essential weekend goodie-bags and provisioning services to set you up for the ultimate Bachelorette/Bachelor weekend on Nantucket!

Ready to have the best (totally hassle-free) time? Reach out to make your party the weekend you'll never forget!


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