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Why Provisioning Services Are Essential For a Nantucket Rental

Not many things are more exhausting than a long day of travel. We've all been there - airport security, crowded planes, rental car lines, and highway traffic. Once you finally get to your destination, you barely have the energy to unload your bags.

If you are a homeowner renting your space, providing provisions for your visitors will make the world of a difference to their stay. Greeting your guests with a warm welcome will set the scene for a great visit to follow. Other than it being a nice surprise, there are a few reasons why providing provisions to Nantucket renters is essential.

Getting to the grocery store is a challenge

After a long day of traveling, your guests are probably hungry. If they're getting in late, there may be no food options available. Provide them with drinks and snacks to hold them over until they are able to get to the store. Additionally, your guests may not have a car available to them. They will appreciate you thinking ahead!


Summer on the island is crowded. Visitors from all over the world have the same idea- rent a house on Nantucket and spend time exploring the island. Unfortunately, with the busy season comes traffic - and lots of it. Help your guests to avoid unnecessarily long trips to the grocery store by giving them essentials such as snacks and fresh ingredients. Throw in a bottle of wine to kickstart their vacation started!

Less time with friends and family

Time is precious, especially when visiting Nantucket. Whether they're staying for a weekend or a month, give your guests essentials such as games, maps, guide books, or food. Providing provisions will take care of some of their needs while allowing them to enjoy all that the island has to offer.

Limited Options

As out-of-town visitors, your renters may not know where to find the best food or what activities Nantucket has to offer. Gifting them local eats such as coffee grounds, produce, cheese or honey will give them a taste of the island and satisfy their hunger.

A trip to Nantucket is always amazing, but give your guests an extra special experience. Provide them with provisions to help kick off their visit and make it memorable.

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